Harry Potter and the Final Fiasco

Harry and the mother of all anti-climaxes

If you’re looking for yet more praise for the final installment of the “most successful movie franchise in the history of the Box Office”, you’d be better off visiting The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times or pretty much any mainstream channel that has so much of an opinion (and don’t we all?) on the latest Harry Potter movie.

Because you’re not going to find any of it here – not a lick. You see, what all those reviews have in common are vivid descriptions of the awe-inducing special effects, the vastly improved quality of acting, the humorous side of a time rife with darkness as an evil what’s-his-name wizard tries to kill his teenage nemesis on his way to establishing complete dominance, yada yada yada. But here’s the problem, and it’s a considerable problem: nobody seems to have the read the bloody book!

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